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Paintings- All the paintings are for sale.  


New Abstract Flower Note CardsThese note cards come 6 per set with matching envelopes.  Each one is an original and each order is a customized one. Inside of each card is a linen paper insert for writing on. Baronial Ivory is the color of all. There are 13 available colors, which are presented in a monoprint,  meaning that each of the available colors have a twin.  Each set is an original.  You may assort the available color sets to your taste. There are 6 sets to a pack.  You may choose to personalize your order or not.


Collage Flower Cards- These note cards are available in size A2, approximately 4.1/4 x 5.1/2.  Each one is an original and cannot be duplicated.  They are available individually.


Calligraphy Laser Prints-  These prints are unframed, and are size 8x10 and 8 1/2 x 11.    They will soon be available in white mats.  Customized calligraphy will soon be available as well, including Love Letters, Prayers, Poems and Certificates.  Small offset holiday posters (created by the artist) will also be available.


Short Spiritual Sayings A to Z-  Each one of these is an original and some have been sold already.  They are size 8x10, including the white and colored mats.  Although they are each original, they  will not be customized and are sold as is.


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