"My work is about freedom as it relates to life and spirituality.  In its broadest sense, spirituality is about living one's daily life in a state of higher awareness.  For me, it means thinking and practicing from my higher self.  It is about recognizing my infinite, eternal and divine connection to the universe.


An artist may choose the position of documenter, reporter, teacher, entertainer or messenger, to name a few.  As a visual artist, calligrapher and writer, I choose the position of messenger, working from the sincere belief that individually looking inward is the only direction for freeing an oppressed world and moving humanity forward in this millennium.  Some of my sub-themes are about letting go, prayer, meditation, love, choices, dreams, transitions, reaching and healing.  My art is mostly influenced by what is important to me as well as other art forms, including literature, music and cinematography.  Some ideas for paintings come to me clinging to the end of a dream.


Using acrylics (like watercolors) as my primary medium of expression, I work from loose to tight and from light to dark, building luminous layers of transparent and opaque color.  My purpose in working this way is to allow light to shine through my paintings.  The stylized, semi-abstract imagery of my work is always evolving, constantly striving to match my perfect inner visions.  Like me, it is in a perpetual state of becoming." 

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