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Over the next year, my committment to my art will expand in that I will be doing more marketing of my work and more varied public venues.  I also plan to continue creating new work on a regular basis with the intention of taking my current painting style to a new level. 

Figuratively speaking, it could be said that if I was engaged to my art last year, then I will be married to it this year.

In order to attain my goals and aspirations, I am aware of the necessity of getting enough sleep and exercise as well as eating healthy, thinking healthy thoughts and spending any free time with good people.  Resuming the practice of meditation  can only enhance all daily endeavors, which are realized to the utmost in communion with the higher spirit within. 

Taking the upcoming year a day at a time - as I have done this year- I am aware that plans often have to be tweaked, rearranged and sometimes put on hold.  As a flawed human who is also spirit, I pray that I will handle these times with patience and grace.

Over the years, I have filled many sketchbooks with images that beg to be painted.  At this point in my life, now is the only time to do this, particularly since time is precious, and no day is promised.


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