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In my previous blog post, I mentioned that art sometimes "speaks" to you, but it also has another side where it refuses to give anything.  Most artists are aware that creativity sometimes seems to  be "stubborn", causing much frustration for the artist.  These periods can range from the artist having a great idea that flows smoothly for a while then reaches a void when it's almost done, to having the completed work fail your expectations.  Almost every artist I know has experienced these  problems at some time or another.

Sometimes the culprit can be the combination of materials or the lighting,  or even the artist being too close to the work.  Walking away - for however long you must- often can resolve the problem.  Doing this can be extremely difficult because of the depression you might feel in having your expectations dampened.   Besides these feelings, you still have the need to create.


In addition to walking away from the primary work, I have found that focusing on some other means of creativity helps.  It can be writing a poem, doodling or sketching or simply doing some free- form painting with no objective in mind.  All of these and more are ways of allowing an outlet for your need to express.

The more you learn to detach yourself from your work when necessary, the more disciplined you will become as an artist. 

 Knowing when to stop has been my greatest challenge as an artist, so you can imagine how far I feel I have come whenever I walk past the unfinished painting that has been on one of my studio tables for the past six months! 











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