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ABSTRACT NOTE CARDS I have been creating these cards for over fifteen years now.  Mainly by word-of-mouth, they have been purchased by friends of friends from coast to coast.  Available  in sets of six with matching envelopes, they are rendered on baronial ivory linen stock with poured and manipulated paints.  They are fun to create, and I will probably be making them for the rest of my life!


COLLAGE NOTE CARDS These are available in a variety of cardstock colors, and are packaged individually.  They are rendered from "failed" abstract note cards, and are just as much fun to do, but require more time.  I invariably create them at night while wearing my  pajamas - just in case I become so relaxed that I have to jump into bed quickly!  I enjoy doing these cards because the slowness and detail help me forget any worries from my day.  They are VERY addictive to create.  Sometimes I can't wait to sit still after a busy day and work on these.  There is sometihing deeply peaceful about the cutting, glueing and placing of the shapes.

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