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The CURRENT PAINTINGS gallery contains works completed this year.  Like most of my paintings, they are created first as sketches or completed drawings  from any of about 25 sketchbooks.   The dates of the drawings do not necessarily coincide with the resulting paintings.


The EVERYDAY ANGELS gallery contains composites of people I either know or have met at some point in my life. Three of them are created from imagination, based on information friends have shared in their recalling experiences of people who came to their rescue in a particular situation.  I   also have had such experiences at different times in my life.  It is how I arrived at the theme EVERYDAY ANGELS - people you meet every day, who have performed compassionate acts which seem angelic in their impact.


Some of my angels are still living and some have passed on.  This series is  the first component of a dual creative venture, which will later be revealed.  At that time, you will see fully the entire project briefly explained here.

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