As an art lover as well as an artist, I enjoy looking at and seeing art that is painted in the artist's own personal style, is refreshing in its originality and is creative in either the subject matter, the way it is rendered or both.  I love viewing art that is about something - or nothing at all- as long as it's done in a creative manner.  I do not have to understand the art to love it; there is some abstract art that pulls you in and holds you in a completely emotional manner that is hard to describe.  You just intuitively know when you've been hooked that way. 

The outstanding element of such art is creativity, which could be defined as a strong use of imagination, love and skill to bring about a piece of work that speaks to the viewer, leaving an impression.  If only skill and redundant subject manner are shown, then the art is lacking in creativity.  Imagination must also be present.

Some of my favorite historical, creative artists are Vincent Van Gogh, Max Ernst, Jacob Lawrence, Paul Gaugin, Pablo Picasso, Aaron Douglas, Elizabeth Catlett, Gabrielle Munter and Faith Ringgold, to name a few.  I love their work because it carries their imprint.  It shows that they have committed to a certain style which is immediately identifiable as theirs.  Often they have chosen "the road less travelled" and have earned not only respect, but a place in history because they have stylized, while simultaneously having something to say. 

In my own work, I struggled many years to render art that looked "real" (illustrative) and contained subject manner spoken visually verbatim to the viewer.  Fortunately, I grew to the point where I no longer wanted to paint this way.  I began to ask myself, "How many times do I have to prove that I can paint skillfully?"  The bigger questions are what do I have to say?  And how do I want to say it?

In embarking upon a journey which has been fraught with frustration as well as joy and creativity, I learned a big lesson:  The challenges of creativity are never-ending, and like many aspects of life itself, there is no point of arrival.  If you are open to growth, then you continue to grow, experiencing all of the ups and downs of the art process which is most like life itself.  One of the rewards of growth as an artist is that you learn to compete with yourself, not other artists, while also becoming more creative.

In writing this particular blog, I have expressed only a portion of what I intended to say.  I think this might be an ongoing topic.  If you are interested in reading further about how I began to bring creativity into my work, please read an online article I wrote for the international paper company Strathmore in 2009:  "DISCOVERING YOUR VOICE BY EXPERIMENTING byGeorgette Jones/





Over the next year, my committment to my art will expand in that I will be doing more marketing of my work and more varied public venues.  I also plan to continue creating new work on a regular basis with the intention of taking my current painting style to a new level. 

Figuratively speaking, it could be said that if I was engaged to my art last year, then I will be married to it this year.

In order to attain my goals and aspirations, I am aware of the necessity of getting enough sleep and exercise as well as eating healthy, thinking healthy thoughts and spending any free time with good people.  Resuming the practice of meditation  can only enhance all daily endeavors, which are realized to the utmost in communion with the higher spirit within. 

Taking the upcoming year a day at a time - as I have done this year- I am aware that plans often have to be tweaked, rearranged and sometimes put on hold.  As a flawed human who is also spirit, I pray that I will handle these times with patience and grace.

Over the years, I have filled many sketchbooks with images that beg to be painted.  At this point in my life, now is the only time to do this, particularly since time is precious, and no day is promised.






In my previous blog post, I mentioned that art sometimes "speaks" to you, but it also has another side where it refuses to give anything.  Most artists are aware that creativity sometimes seems to  be "stubborn", causing much frustration for the artist.  These periods can range from the artist having a great idea that flows smoothly for a while then reaches a void when it's almost done, to having the completed work fail your expectations.  Almost every artist I know has experienced these  problems at some time or another.

Sometimes the culprit can be the combination of materials or the lighting,  or even the artist being too close to the work.  Walking away - for however long you must- often can resolve the problem.  Doing this can be extremely difficult because of the depression you might feel in having your expectations dampened.   Besides these feelings, you still have the need to create.


In addition to walking away from the primary work, I have found that focusing on some other means of creativity helps.  It can be writing a poem, doodling or sketching or simply doing some free- form painting with no objective in mind.  All of these and more are ways of allowing an outlet for your need to express.

The more you learn to detach yourself from your work when necessary, the more disciplined you will become as an artist. 

 Knowing when to stop has been my greatest challenge as an artist, so you can imagine how far I feel I have come whenever I walk past the unfinished painting that has been on one of my studio tables for the past six months! 












When you are in the flow of creating, if you pay attention, you will notice that the art  might."speak" to you at any moment.   Whether you are working on a painting, an illustration or a small commercial work, this can occur.  This is what I experienced early this morning while working on one of my collage flower cards.  Having already completed four of them, I was into a fifth, aware that I desired some brave new configuration of shapes.

Letting go of any preconceptions of where these final shapes should be placed- based on what I'd done before- I placed them "here" and "there", not by rote but by a need to experiment.

Shortly, the art directed my hands, giving me what I desired - a new pattern of shapes from which other configurations might spring in new works!  I am glad that art sometimes speaks its own language and that I have learned that language!

ABSTRACT NOTE CARDS I have been creating these cards for over fifteen years now.  Mainly by word-of-mouth, they have been purchased by friends of friends from coast to coast.  Available  in sets of six with matching envelopes, they are rendered on baronial ivory linen stock with poured and manipulated paints.  They are fun to create, and I will probably be making them for the rest of my life!


COLLAGE NOTE CARDS These are available in a variety of cardstock colors, and are packaged individually.  They are rendered from "failed" abstract note cards, and are just as much fun to do, but require more time.  I invariably create them at night while wearing my  pajamas - just in case I become so relaxed that I have to jump into bed quickly!  I enjoy doing these cards because the slowness and detail help me forget any worries from my day.  They are VERY addictive to create.  Sometimes I can't wait to sit still after a busy day and work on these.  There is sometihing deeply peaceful about the cutting, glueing and placing of the shapes.

The CURRENT PAINTINGS gallery contains works completed this year.  Like most of my paintings, they are created first as sketches or completed drawings  from any of about 25 sketchbooks.   The dates of the drawings do not necessarily coincide with the resulting paintings.


The EVERYDAY ANGELS gallery contains composites of people I either know or have met at some point in my life. Three of them are created from imagination, based on information friends have shared in their recalling experiences of people who came to their rescue in a particular situation.  I   also have had such experiences at different times in my life.  It is how I arrived at the theme EVERYDAY ANGELS - people you meet every day, who have performed compassionate acts which seem angelic in their impact.


Some of my angels are still living and some have passed on.  This series is  the first component of a dual creative venture, which will later be revealed.  At that time, you will see fully the entire project briefly explained here.

Hello!  Please bear with me as I construct my website!


In the next few days, I will be adding more content to make my site interesting.  This will be done between tending to everyday, mundane tasks and obligations.  I also plan to upgrade my status during this time.


Thank you for your patience!



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